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I absolutely love our community ! Williamson county as a whole is a amazing place to live, but Round Rock & Hutto have really band together to help this local family and small business owner Misty and Kenneth Meyes. Misty Owns a cleaning service and she is amazing all of her clients love her, and she works with a lot of our office clients as well Always leaving them very happy! Her husband Kenneth is unable to work in his condition and with the family going through such a hard time I ask you to please help in any way whether that is to like their page and share or donate (money or a gift for Sundays Jan 26th 2017 Auction @ Round Rock Tavern)  We would love to Thank every single person & business who has helped so far and a special thanks to Round Rock Tavern, Morris Joseph, and Bobby Withrow. Bobby is a veteran and our Local lawn services specialist If you or anyone you know needs landscaping, tree trimming, lawn services or any kind please contact Bobby Withrow at 512-796-1795 He does so much for our community!  Below is Misty's story and links to their facebook page and GoFundMe. 

"Kenneth, my hubby and the father of our six amazing kiddos, has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. As of today there is no cure. His heart has swollen and his main artery is 43% clogged and his most recent stress test showed he's now in the last and final stages of his disease. He recently had surgery to put a defibrillator in so that If/when his heart suddenly stops it will start back up long enough for me to get him to a hospital. He was taken off work in July and we have applied for disability but they are not in any hurry to help us. We have completely depleted our savings cashed in our 401K and live day to day from the money I make from my small Housekeeping business. We have already spent over $20,000 in medical bills and have about the same or more piling up And more bills are added daily. He is now on 12 different medications and they're very expensive as well even with the prescription discount cards. We went In for his regular yearly check up with the cardiologist a week ago and he was scheduled for emergency surgery the next day. The hospital has been very nice or is working out payments with us and we are to the point in our lives that we just need help. As a wife and a mother I will do whatever I have to do to save my husband's life, as I'm sure any wife would do. After the surgery kenneth developed a hematoma surrounding the implant so we will be going back in to have surgery again and inserting a new defibrillator and i'm pray he doesnt get an infection because they will be opening up a fresh wound which the doctor described as "assault to injury". Kenneth will be placed on the heart transplant list and when a heart is available we have to be financially and emotionally ready. I update the page almost every day and I am always here if you would like to talk, ask questions, or to share your stories with me. We appreciate each and every one of you and I ask if you can please share our story, pray for us, and help me save my husband's life. Thank you for your time and love!


Sunday Facebook page for Event PLEASE SHARE!

GoFundMe Link

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