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10 Secrets to Make Your Wardrobe Last Longer

10 Secrets to Make Your Wardrobe Last Longer

You've spent good money on your wardrobe, so it makes sense to know a few simple ways to keep it neat, clean and long lasting from head to toe.

Creaseless wonders.Ironing and steaming trousers can wear them out over time. If you can't lay pants flat, keep them crease-free on a hanger with thissimple folding technique.

Hang on.Wire and plastic hangers can leave indents on clothes, warping the shape of garments over time. Felt-covered hangers help prevent this. Plus, the felt easily holds on to silky or slippery fabrics, keeping these clothes from piling up on the floor of the closet.

Push the button.If you're in a hurry and don't have time to mend a loose button on a blouse or shirt, paint over the loose thread with clear nail polish for a temporary fix.

Zip it up.A stuck zipper is a frustrating problem. You can unstick it or encourage it to glide smoothly by rubbing the teeth with a bar of soap rather than yanking, tugging or pulling, which can break the zipper altogether.

Mildew minimizer.Throwing sweaty workout wear, or any wet clothing for that matter, into the laundry basket is a recipe for mildew. Unless you're going to launder them right away, let damp clothes dry out first.

Pillowcase talk.In place of plastic garment covers, slip a pillowcase over the top of special garments on the hanger to help eliminate moisture, which can cause mildew. Cut a small opening in the center, so the hanger hook can be inserted through the closed end of the pillowcase.

Patent leather pal.Patent leather shoes are prone to scuffing, but a little petroleum jelly on the end of a cotton swab will relieve the chafe and return the couture.

Made in the suede.Keep suede shoes and outerwear clean by gently rubbing mats or stains with a fine nail file. For stubborn spots, hold the item just above a steaming kettle spout for a few seconds and try a second brushing.

Leather refresher.During winter months, it's hard to avoid water stains and salt lines on leather shoes. Remove them with a soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar, then polish.

Last boot standing.If you can't store them flat, keep tall boots from developing creases and slouches by stuffing cut-to-length pool noodles inside, so they remain upright in your closet.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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